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1.Research And Production

We have been cooperating with Central South University with the goal to combine industry, academic study and scientific research, we together research the new materials, metal heat treatment and related technology. extrusion material series including: 3003,5052,6005,6005A, 6061,6063,6082,6101,6463., We are producing the aluminium tubes for hanging system of high speed railways in China, its tensile strength ,elongation, yield strength all excel European standard, it breaks the barriers of international trade, it fill the emptiness in domestic market, Our company is the only manufacturer for hanging system for high speed railway. Such as Beijing-Shanghai line. Harbin-Dalian line. Guangzhou-Wuhan line.


Our General Manager ,Ms Tan accompanied with the leaders from China Ministry of Railway Design Institute to examine the installed hanging system for High Speed Railways





3.ERP Management System


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